The new iPad launch day

16 03 2012

5:00AM Goood morning everybody and welcome to my micro blog of the new iPad launch at the Metrocentre in Gateshead England!

It’s bright and early as the doors are opening at 6am to start queuing up ready for the Apple store opening at 8am.

I’ll keep posting throughout the morning and day as no doubt I’ll have plenty to say once I’ve got my hands on it!

7:10 In the queue since 6am and having a great chat with people in the queue. The earliest to arrive got here at 5:30am so no insane overnight waits.

There is an abundance of iPhones and macs and plenty of folks who know there stuff! Great talking to people about there apps , especially one guy was using his slingbox app to watch tv live from his slingbox at home. I havd a card from Apple on arrival in the queue that guarantees my iPad. Woohoo!

The queue is now 30 people deep and slowly building. Only 30 minutes to go!

Had a change of heart on capacity size at the last minute when I realised that I already had 30 gigs on my iPhone so 64 gig it is!

Update: the line wasn’t 30 people as it stops and then continues upstairs! So it’s about 45 people now.



I’m in love with the new iPad but just don’t mention its name

12 03 2012

The new iPad is called…. the new iPad. Wait? What? I must have nodded off in the keynote there for a second. It’s got a name right? iPad 3 or something? What do you mean no?

Watching the live blogging over at TUAW was hilarious. They were so in tune with what I was thinking regularly throughout the whole keynote. WHAT IS IT CALLED ?!! I guess I’m going to get over it at some point but it does feel a bit of an own goal in marketing. What happens next year? The now ‘new iPad’ is relegated to ‘ the iPad ‘ and a new ‘ new iPad ‘ takes its place perhaps. I’m looking forwards to seeing how this all pans out.

As for the actual iPad itself well I have to say I was drooling slightly by the time the keynote was over. The blogosphere wasn’t too far off apart from wild last minute guesses ( haptic feedback anyone? ) and there is enough in there to make this a very desirable bit of kit for anyone without one and possibly for those with the first generation iPad as well. Going from iPad 2 to this version is going to be a tougher call but I suspect when people see that retina display in action credit cards will be leaping out of pockets so fast the fire brigade will need to stay close buy to their local Apple store.

A surprise star of the show for me was the new iPhoto app. I can’t wait to play with this more on the iPad when I hopefully get my hands on it later this week. Having tried it a little on the iPhone it’s another excellent piece of user friendly Apple software and stupidly powerful too. I’ll do a more detailed review on this once I’ve had more time to use it on the iPad.

So there you have it. No more guessing now ( well for a few weeks until the iPhone rumours start up again ) and one very excited Apple addict who is chomping at the bit for this coming Friday. I plan to be in the line bright and early to try and secure one but if it all fails it hopefully will have been a fun experience and perhaps great networking with other tech / Apple enthusiasts. If all goes to plan I will be blogging and tweeting throughout the day and hopefully sharing some photos too.

I’m both nervous and excited about waiting in line but no doubt I’ll have plenty I can share with you afterwards. I hope to share the excitement of the experience with you so why don’t you join me on Twitter or Facebook and leave some comments too!

A photography revolution

6 03 2012

I have been reading and admiring an evolution of photography that I feel will ultimately change photography and perhaps eventually cinematography.

The Lytro Light Field camera is a clever evolution of the camera that we are all so familiar with. To point , shoot and now with the advent of digital cameras view is just second nature. However once the image is taken, baring digital manipulation after the fact, it’s fixed. The Lytro camera breaks these rules. As it gathers all the light hitting the sensor at the same time and no focusing is required the image is returned instantly. What is truly magical is that when you view your images on your mac or iOS device ( PC to come later ) simply taping the photo at the point your interested in refocuses it. So if something interesting happens just as you take the image in the background and you were looking at the foreground it just doesn’t matter anymore. All it takes is one tap afterwards and the image is refocused instantly.

It’s really quite magical to play with images in this way. Unfortunately at present it’s only available in the US so the rest of us will have to wait but I fully expect this technology to take off in a major way.

Steve Jobs was interested in the Lytro technology and it’s the kind of smart user friendly interface that one could image Apple wishing to incorporate into its designs. It would make a stunning addition to an iPhone in the future but one imagines significant engineering challenges would be involved.

I can also see that if this technology could be brought to cinematography it could really change the art forever. A director would only need set up the shot and then in post production all the work of choosing the focus point would be done. Off course it’s more complex as no doubt lighting still needs consideration but been able to alter focus post would be a massive benefit I suspect.

Whilst the technology forums are on fire today with iPad 3 chatter and last minute rumours and predictions I was so impressed with the Lytro I just had to write about it. Please check it out here.

Let’s start with the iPad 3

28 02 2012

Welcome to areyougettingit ! I am unashamed to say I am a bit of a blogging noob but I am so excited to be getting started and with such an important date coming up in the Apple calendar I thought I’d dive right in.

As you can see the clock is ticking until the iPad 3 steps bravely into the world to both applause and the kind of bile normal escaping from the creatures mouth in Alien. Obviously I don’t know it’s called the iPad 3 but it would seem logical and here’s hoping Apple won’t go down the S moniker like the iPhone. If it really does have a retina style display as is now being widely rumoured I feel that alone should be enough to justify a full digit bump up. Thankfully the goodness won’t end there as its very likely to see a speed bump and possibly an improved camera too.

What’s got me, and many others, interested is in the invite sent out to tech journalists. In it there is no sign of the usual home button. If Apple have ditched the home button it will be interesting to see how they have worked around this and what advantage it will bring. Would it allow them to use a slightly different sized display perhaps? Are Apple just completely messing with people and they have just rotated the display around so what we are actually seeing is the top of the iPad not the bottom ( remember that the image would automatically flip 180 degrees )? The home button is a big deal though. If you use any iDevice just stop and think how many times a day you press it. Can’t remember can you? That’s because it’s so quick and so easy to do. If they take this away whatever its replaced with will have to be as good or even better at this function than the home button.

areyougettingit ? For me the answer is a definite yes and I hope a future blog posting will be from my first launch day at a local Apple Store.

image : Apple

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